Contribute to environmental conservation with a 400% increase in atmospheric carbon (C02) sequestration, helping combat climate change and Green House Gases.

Our Vision

At Megaflora - San Joaquin Valley, we are committed
to expanding our farming roots into supporting this
incredible, fast - growing tree which is also creating a
better world.

Our Roots

MegaFlora fast - growing trees are the brainchild of
Dr. Ray Allen, who developed this remarkable tree in
2000-2001. Dr. Allen has set out to transform the global
landscape, making it greener and more sustainable.
MegaFlora Trees are a 3xP hybrid cross of three 
Paulonia trees --- P.fortunei (20%) -- P.tomentosa (40%)
P.elongata (40%)

Commercial Uses and Benefits

MegaFlora trees are not only eco-warriors, but also a boom for commerce.

With their large leaves(12-18"), Megaflora Trees are